The history of brick making in Chandlers Ford

The process of brick making

  • Dig up the clay
  • Weather over the winter, keeping the clay damp
  • Load into a hopper
  • Ground to remove stones and grit
  • Fill in moulds (by hand/machine)
  • Leave to dry (so as not to split in the kiln)
  • Burn in a kiln

Jim’s research has revealed a long list of business men (and women) undertaking the business of brick making in Chandlers Ford between 1861 and the early 1900’s, including Joseph and Francis Bull; Joseph Bull was also a builder and responsible for building many prominent structures, including Winchester Guildhall, and for providing 35 million bricks for the building of the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The largest brickworks was located to the west of Bournemouth Road, on the site of the Chandlers Ford Industrial Estate in School Lane, which had a single-line railway link from Chandlers Ford Station to the works. This link used horse-drawn railway wagons to transport the finished bricks. Within this brick works were small sites, with owners including Mrs Anne Macklin and Hooper & Ashby (who later went on to establish the Bursledon Brickworks).

Jim’s research has also uncovered some interesting information about the workers, see article about Samuel Stevens, the manager of the Hooper & Ashby brickyard.

Chandlers Ford was finished in brick making by the First World War as there was no clay left.

Brickfield Lane in Chandlers Ford
Further reading about brick making in Hampshire can be found at Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society – A Gazetteer of Brick and Tile Works in Hampshire, by W.C.F White.

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